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ATM Surcharges and the Expansion of Consumer Choice
John Charles Bradbury offers this briefing paper on ATM transactions and how they make banking more accessible to customers.
Bank Failures and Assistance - FDIC
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. presents an updated list of bank failures and assistance transactions from 1991.
Banking -
Learn about paying bills online, find a mortgage guide, see the day's rates and browse banking news compiled from various publications.
Find the latest rates for mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, and bank accounts. Includes daily averages and free rate alerts.
Dormant Accounts - Swiss Bank Association
Find news and updates on the status of roughly 5,000 Swiss bank accounts which have been dormant for a substantial length of time.
Eye-On Banking
Worldwide directory of links to banks on the Internet. Listed in A-Z format and by geographical region.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
News, statutes, regulations, banking data, publications, consumer and asset sales info from US bank regulator & insurer of American bank savings.
Financial Net
Global directory of financial institutions such as banks, credit unions, and thrifts, with links to Web sites if available. Uses a map interface.
GE Center For Financial Learning
General Electric offers a resource for people to learn about financial literacy. Enter the resource center for a financial dictionary.
Company provides asset-management services and consulting for individuals and companies wishing to open a business or bank account in Switzerland.
Place for children to learn about money and banking offers sections on checking accounts and interest rates. Access calculators or related links.
LearnFREE - How to Balance Your Checkbook
Offers information on bank statements and checkbook registers. Learn how to balance a checkbook monthly and view instructional video clips.
MSN Encarta - Banking
Article attempts to summarize the business of banking. Covers its history as well as its various niches, including central banking roles.
MSN Encarta - Clearinghouse
Read about the term used in banking and railroad industries. Includes details about its role in day-to-day operations.
MSN Encarta - Collateral
Definition of the lending term, which refers to a guarantee for repayment of a loan.
MSN Encarta - Draft
MSN defines this financial term in its encyclopedia. Details the variations of the draft between different points of transfer.
MSN Encarta - Savings Institutions
Learn about the historical and contemporary significance of these entities commonly called banks.
MSN Encarta - Trust Companies
Find a detailed description of the functions of the banking entity. Article goes in-depth about its various services.
MSN Money - Banking & Bills
Stay abreast of banking news and explore consumer resources such as Internet-based bill paying, loan and credit-card rates, and security tips.
MyBank Directory
FiTech presents a state-by-state directory of US banks on the Web, plus overseas banks arranged by region.
NFSN Bank Directory
National Financial Services Network offers links to the Web sites of US banks, plus contact details and direct links to branch and ATM locators.
Online Banking Report
Internet supplement to this monthly publication presents an abstract of recent issues, prices, and subscription information.
Qualisteam Banking and Finance
Directory of banks and other financial institutions on the Web, plus links to financial markets, newspapers, tools and e-commerce resources.
Quicken Banking and Credit
Information on online-banking and bill-payment applications from a leading personal-finance-software company.
Safety Tips for ATM Banking
Read and download a page on how to avoid being victimized by criminals while using an automated teller machine, also known as the ATM.
Thomson Financial BankWatch
Described as the world's largest bank credit rating agency, providing research and analysis on over 1000 financial institutions in 60 countries.

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