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Credit Counselors
1 Payment Debt Consolidation
Consolidate credit-card debt into one monthly payment to create a manageable alternative to high-interest rates and outstanding bills.
1st Consumer Credit Counseling Alliance
Consumer credit counseling and debt management service provides bankruptcy information and free consultations.
ACC - Consumer Credit Counseling
Nonprofit credit-counseling company offers 24-hour service to those needing budgeting, credit and debt-repayment help. Submit an application.
Amalgamated Credit Counselors
Florida company serving the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas offers debt consolidation, credit counseling, free payment quotes, and educational programs.
American Consumer Credit Counseling
American Consumer Credit Counseling helps people find solutions to financial problems through debt consolidation programs.|51413;g=z/http://www.commission-...
Amerix Corporation
Enroll in this program to get help in lowering bills and managing debt. The electronic system is designed to handle paperwork, questions, and payments online.
Ammend Credit Counseling
Get help with debts and high interest rates by consulting this national, nonprofit credit-counseling service that is accessible around the clock.
Auriton Solutions
Nonprofit credit counseling organization offers help for people facing overwhelming credit card debt, loan payments, bankruptcy or foreclosures.
Better Way Credit Counseling, A
Credit counseling agency specializes in debt management programs and providing consolidation loans.
C.I.S. Credit Scoring
Credit scoring and repair advice company provides both US and UK versions of its guide. Subscribe to receive more detailed credit information.
Consumer Credit Counseling Service offers guidance on managing your money, reviewing credit reports, and debt consolidation.
Center for Debt Management
Nonprofit charitable organization providing credit counseling and debt management services. Houses a library with related resources.
Colorado Credit Counseling Service
Offers debt consolidation and credit repair to consumers throughout the Denver area. Read about bankruptcy and consumer rights.
Concord Credit
Nonprofit credit counseling organization offers credit advice in English and Spanish to consumers in the United States and Puerto Rico.
Consolidated Credit Counseling Services
Nonprofit consumer credit counseling agency offers debt consolidation without loans. Calculate and manage mortgages and credit card payments.
Consumer Counseling Centers America
Access credit counseling services throughout the United States from this non-profit organization.
Consumer Credit Counseling Service
Offers budget counseling, educational programs, debt management and assistance, as well as housing counseling. Find tips and calculators.
Consumer Credit Counseling Services
Consumer-credit counselors negotiate with creditors to reduce monthly payments. Learn how the service works and get tips on improving a credit score.
Consumer Credit Counseling Services of North Texas
Nonprofit org. helps consumers resolve debt issues by providing credit counseling and education. View a directory for Texas and Okla. locations.
Cornerstone Credit Counselors
Nonprofit offers free credit counseling and debt management services. Offers trained Christian counselors and a toll-free telephone number.
Credit Help
List of contacts and phone numbers for organizations that help consumers with credit card offers and credit reports.
Credit Solutions Online
Guide provides financing and credit-repair info for those with bad or imperfect credit. Find subprime lenders and credit-counseling services. -
Consumers in financial trouble may want to check here to find a link to an article and information detailing why credit counselors may not actually help them out.
Debt Consolidation - Credit
Credit counseling company assists consumers in handling unsecured debt problems. Fill out the online form and get a quote.
Debt Consolidation Guide
Consult this guide for steps on how to get out of debt, information on whether to consolidate debt, and tips on building good credit.
Debt Consolidation Online Center
Offers downloadable reports to help get out of debt -- American Consumer Credit Counseling
Affiliate of ACCC helps individuals address their credit problems, such as credit-card debt and bankruptcy. Get advised on how to manage finances and get out of debt.
Offers a range of business and consumer info services, covering issues such as credit info and advice, direct marketing, and real estate.
Financial Recovery Counseling Institute
Provides financial-counselor certification and therapy for obsessive-compulsive spending disorder and poor credit behaviors.
Harbour Credit Counseling - Harbour Financial
Nonprofit debt-management agency offers credit counseling, as well as debt-management and debt-consolidation programs, to those in need of financial relief.
NACM - Southwest
Regional branch of National Association of Credit Management offers links about bankruptcy and other related issues. See event postings.
NACM - St. Louis
Local branch of the National Association of Credit Management posts a schedule of classes, credit report links, and its membership application.
National Foundation for Credit Counseling
Nonprofit agency has member offices in every state and serves overseas military personnel via the Internet. Find budget calculators and general debt management advice.
National Non Profit Consumer Credit Counseling Agency
Offers help with budgeting, credit and debt management, repayment and counseling. Call toll-free or fill out an application.
Financial resource center provides consumers with advice on lowering monthly credit card payments and avoiding bankruptcy. Enroll in the debt consolidation program.
Pioneer Credit & Debt Consolidation
Non-profit consumer credit counseling agency provides assistance with budgeting, debt management and bankruptcy avoidance.
Profina Debt Solutions
Nonprofit credit-counseling service works to restore credit. Enroll in a debt-management program to lower monthly payments and interest rates.
Trinity Credit Counseling
Nonprofit offers free consumer credit counseling and debt consolidation. Offers experienced counselors and a toll-free telephone number.
Web Debt Consolidation Group
Resource points consumers to firms and counselors that offer help with debt consolidation, general loans, credit repair, and credit cards.

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